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Membership Spotlights: Annie Himsworth & Alee DeRenzo

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

October has brought our chapter wonderful opportunities and members who were excited to enjoy all we had to offer. Meet our two latest membership spotlights- Alee DeRenzo & Annie Himsworth!

Annie Himsworth

 Alee DeRenzo

Annie Himsworth is a Junior majoring in Communication Studies on the Advertising & Entrepreneurship track. Annie is from Trappe, Pennsylvania and transferred to Temple University from the University of Louisville. 

Alee DeRenzo is Junior/Senior (Transfer) student from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Alee is a Strategic Communication Major with a PR Concentration. 

Here are some questions I asked to get to know Annie & Alee better:


Why do you love PRSSA?

Annie- I wanted to learn what public relations is all about and I thought it would be an awesome networking opportunity.

Alee- I love PRSSA because it is a great way to connect and network with people who have the same interests as me while also providing me with professional experiences in the surrounding Philadelphia area.

Which committee are you in?

Annie- Community Relations and Fundraising. So far I helped prepare for the bake sale and I worked the table with several other members.

Alee- Community Relations and Fundraising. I do a lot of writing for PRowl and by joining this committee I am able to immerse myself in the Temple community as well as the greater Philadelphia community. The bake sale was a great success and all proceeds went to Philabundance, in support of their food bank which serves the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions.

PRSSA events you’ve participated in?

Annie- I go to the fundraising events like Blaze Pizza, I helped with the bake sale and I attend weekly and committee meetings.

Alee- I baked for our Philabundance bake sale and helped work it during Temple’s homecoming week. I walked the AIDs walk, which brings awareness to the Philadelphia AIDs epidemic and I am also in the process of figuring out the logistics behind a supplies drive for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Other Temple organizations you are in?

Annie- I am also involved with Athletes Helping Athletes, Love Your Melon and I made the club field hockey team.

Alee- I am a Junior Account Executive at PRowl Public Relations.

Dream Job?