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Last week I attended a virtual press conference for country artist Tyler Rich, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do! I wrote an article for WHIP Radio (Temple’s radio station) about it as well, which you can check out here.

The press conference was held to promote his EP, Live At Home which came out last Friday. When I was offered the opportunity to attend, I immediately accepted. My eventual goal with PR is to become a publicist for musicians, so anything and everything music gets me ecstatic.

It was my first press conference, and ironically, I wasn’t on the PR side of it. Instead, I was more of a journalist, asking questions and taking notes to use in my eventual write-up about the event. My excitement turned into a bit of nervous energy leading up to and during the call, since I was joined by writers from magazines and other publications, podcast hosts, and a few representatives from Tyler Rich’s marketing team, who were ‘zooming’ from all over the country. But once I picked up on the atmosphere of the call--a conversation about music (which I am pretty used to thanks to the countless hours of artist interviews that I watch for enjoyment)--my apprehension faded.

I loved hearing the stories from when he was on tour, a few of which inspired songs on the EP. Not only did it make me long for the eventual return of concerts, but it also furthered my emotions and eagerness for my dream job: it reassured me that music is where I want to end up.

Now the part I’m sure you’ve been waiting for--what happened when I got to speak to Tyler Rich himself! First off, he is extremely nice and passionate about his music and all that surrounds it. My questions centered around how he decided to reveal his EP on social media. He’d revealed the tracklist on his Instagram through pictures of the song titles written on household objects to create the ‘at home’ theme. Of course, I had to ask him about his Tiktok as well, since he has been more active there lately. His favorite Tiktoks are those with animals, by the way.

In conclusion, I’m so appreciative that I was able to be a part of something so cool and I’m still buzzing with excitement from it. Also, check out Tyler Rich’s EP!

This blog post was written by Caitlin McGeehan, Digital Publications Editor

During the summer of 2020, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of interning with Campowerment, a women-founded company centered in helping other women discover their passions and promote empowerment for all that become involved. I served as the marketing and public relations intern for the duration of ten weeks, and I am forever grateful to have had this experience as the first internship in my professional career.

I stumbled upon this opportunity with Campowerment somewhat randomly. A peer of mine had reached out to Klein’s career center about possible internships for the summer, and when she heard of Campowerment’s position she immediately referred me. I was intrigued by the position of serving for a smaller, newer company, and was excited to see where the internship would take me. Without the career center and my peers within PRSSA, I would have never found Campowerment.

For the duration of my time spent interning, I focused mainly on building press lists and researching marketing partners to bring into Campowerment’s expert base. And while I learned new things each day, the most important part of the internship for me was the passion I got to exert into my projects. I was able to find new women to feature as experts for our online workshops, like Tatiana Lee and Bunny McKensie Mack, as well as experience the empowering feeling of shadowing women who follow their dreams every single day. My favorite thing about interning with this company was the freedom they gave me to be creative and follow my passions while helping me whenever I needed it!

My internship with Campowerment was one of the most worthwhile experiences I have had while studying at Temple University thus far. Each day I met new people and learned new things, and I truly feel confident in my ability to succeed in the future. Interning with a company based in promoting so many of the same passions that I believe in has propelled me to discover a future career I am excited to explore. I am forever grateful for Campowerment and the lessons I learned from such an inspiring company.

This blog post was written by Anne Cleary, Senior Director of Community Service.

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Brian Hart, 2012 Klein College graduate, Temple PRSSA alum, and founder of the Philadelphia full-service public relations agency, Flackable published an op-ed disclosing a disheartening trend instigated by publicity brokers. He is calling on regulatory agencies to end the unethical practice of payola.

Payola is a form of bribery paid to a source or person deemed useful for promoting a product or interest which Hart explains as, “further contributing to the increasingly corrupt segments of the news media.” This scheme is often perpetuated by unethical publicity brokers who are pretending to be public relations practitioners. Hart is helping to lead the way in calling out this highly unethical practice while shedding light on the hard work PR professionals are writing and facilitating daily.

Hart calls attention to lobbyist Jack Abramoff in his op-ed, who is known for serving prison time for his role in the Native American casino lobbying scandal. There have been complaints filed regarding Abramoff paying writers to publish and share articles praising AML BitCoin, and now the Securities and Exchange Commission is involved. It is likely Jack Abramoff will be heading back to prison for his unethical crimes. This is just a recent example of payola and how it is negatively affecting the field of communications.

Living and working in a digital age means misinformation and fake news are more likely to run rampant, thus making it difficult to consistently consume the facts. Hart has penned an outstanding letter to the Federal Trade Commission to begin the process of calling for investigations into news media payola schemes while simultaneously making sure the work of public relations professionals is still valued.

Check out Flackable’s own Brian Hart’s op-ed published in PR-Week https://www.prweek.com/article/1689577/pr-payola-schemes-poison-media-integrity to learn more about the unethical concepts around public relations payola schemes.


This blog post was written by Alexis Levant, Director of Public Relations

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