This is our second full semester online, and the first was not easy. Balancing 18 credits of classes plus an internship is definitely a challenge, to say the least. However, over the course of the fall semester, I picked up a few things that helped me stress less and unwind.

1. Use the heck out of your planner

Last semester, I learned that using my planner to plan out what I needed to get done each day really helped me out. It taught me balance. I would do work for my asynchronous classes in the morning and do work for my synchronous classes in the evening. On my internship days, I would focus solely on my internship duties so my mind wasn’t all over the place.

Plan things out so you’re not doing a lot of work all in one day or pulling all-nighters.

2. Hang out with friends -- virtually of course

Your social life is still important in a pandemic, and what better way to socialize than over Zoom! My friends and I planned times to meet over Zoom so we could still “hang out” from the comfort and safety of our homes. Even though you can’t hang out with people physically, Zoom is the next best thing.

3. Take breaks, and reward yourself for any accomplishments (big or small)

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take breaks so you don’t become drained. Reward yourself after each task you get done.

You finished writing two pages of your essay? Watch a YouTube video. You finished a worksheet? Get yourself a snack. You finished an exam? Go on TikTok for 30 minutes.

It is so important to take breaks and reward yourself for the hard work you’re doing this semester so you don’t get overworked and stressed.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors!

Emailing your professors about things you don’t understand can be intimidating, but it ends up being helpful in the end!

If something is unclear, especially in an asynchronous class where you don’t actually meet with your professor over Zoom, email them. They are always more than happy to help you. They know this semester is going to be rough, and they are willing to help you if you need it!

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Vice President.

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  • Temple PRSSA

Marissa Reale is a Communications Specialist at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. She studied strategic communications and graduated from Temple University in 2018.

Reale joined PRSSA in the fall of 2015 because of the opportunities it offered to network with other peers, professors, and professionals. Reale was also interested in the mentorship program which would allow her to further connect with senior students and learn more about the industry. She was later inspired to become a leader in PRSSA herself to help plan opportunities for other students.

During her time in PRSSA, Reale held the positions of secretary (2016-2017), and vice president (2017-2018). She was also a member of PRowl Public Relations and became assistant firm director (AFD) for the 2017-2018 academic year.

As a leader in PRSSA and PRowl, Reale supported both organizations and executive boards with strategy, planning, and execution for their yearly goals. She also took part in planning student networking events that featured national and local PR leaders as guest speakers.

Some of Reale’s favorite PRSSA events were the mentorship game nights and partnerships with non-profit organizations. Her favorite memory was from her senior year when PRSSA and PROWL’s eboard members attended the national conference in Boston. The most valuable thing Reale gained from PRSSA was the ability to start ahead in developing her professional network as a student.

Reale’s experiences at Temple and within PRSSA and PROWL have not only made a significant impact on her career, but also continue to encourage her today. From the start, she fell in love with Temple’s hardworking and determined community of students. PRSSA and PRowl then helped launch her career and brought many valuable opportunities such as internships and her first job after graduating.

Reale explained that this year especially has brought many learning experiences for the PR field. She shared, “I think it’s shown us that every strategy and plan must be meaningful, relevant, and resonate on deeper levels than ever before.”

Finally, Reale’s advice for current students is to “ 1) take every opportunity to network purposefully 2) show up for opportunities that take you outside of your comfort zone [and] 3) always follow up with media, jobs or anything else because it could be the difference between making something happen or not.”

This blog post was written by Irene Bak, Digital Committee Member.

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  • Temple PRSSA

Michelle Voli Wadley is an External Communications Specialist at Tokio Marine North America Services (TMNA Services).

Voli Wadley graduated in the class of 2011 and earned her degree in communications while at Temple. After taking an Introduction to Public Relations course her sophomore year, she decided to join PRSSA to learn more about the field and later became involved in PRowl.

As a member of PRSSA, Voli Wadley attended on-campus events, meetings, fundraisers, and had the opportunity to attend networking events with the local PRSA chapter.

During her time in PRowl, Voli Wadley served as the Director of Public Relations, managing PRowl’s blog and social media accounts. She wrote blog posts, edited and posted other members’ guest blog posts, and worked with Google Analytics for the blog.

One of Voli Wadley’s favorite PRSSA memories was attending meetings with guest speakers who shared their experiences and insights on the industry. She was able to learn more about the different PR career paths from these opportunities.

Voli Wadley’s experiences in PRSSA and PRowl not only helped prepare her for the PR world, but also allowed her to stand out in interviews which led to valuable internship and job opportunities.

Lastly, one thing Voli Wadley would tell her past self is, “Don’t stress too much about landing the ideal job after graduation– keep moving in the right direction and things will fall into place.”

This blog post was written by Irene Bak, Digital Committee Member.

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