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The Power of Current College Students

Colleges often find themselves obsessed with new students wanting to lure them into the trap of their university. After all, new students represent the future generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers and even PR professionals. However, when you focus too much on the potential newcomers, you forget about your current students. With that, colleges need to adopt different PR strategies for bringing in new faces.

They need to realize catering to prospective students is not a sustainable practice. Trying to appeal to potentials but relegating their current to the back burner will only lead to dissatisfied students. When current students feel neglected in favor of potential ones, it creates a ripple effect of negativity that ultimately tarnishes the good name of the college. Conversations will inevitably turn to the school’s shortcomings, overshadowing the positive aspects of the institution. Whether it’s through word of mouth, social media or other communication channels, the bad and the ugly will be known to prospects. Therefore, painting an unflattering picture of the school.

This is what I mean by changing PR strategies, because schools unwittingly sabotage their own PR efforts by failing to recognize the influential role current students play in shaping perceptions. Current students are the best PR for schools and people need to start realizing that sentiment.

As students we offer an authentic perspective that resonates with the potential incomers. Telling the truth instead of half-truths or white lies from campus tours and preview days. We offer an honest and transparent evaluation of the school.

By fostering good relationships with current students, colleges will get what’s considered good PR and create advocates for the school.

But a strong rapport with current students requires more than just superficial gestures or tokens of appreciation. It demands genuine engagement and commitment to addressing their concerns and needs. They need to demonstrate an investment in the well-being and success of their current students. Prioritizing current students in college PR strategies isn't just a matter of goodwill but a strategic move in a long game of chess.

This blog was written by Kai Johnson

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