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Committee Head:

Chrislyn Margao|


The Public Relations Committee works to strengthen members’ PR skills with practical applications. In the past, the public relations committee has given members the opportunity to work on physical projects such as press releases and writing pieces. Members can expect to participate in collaborative workshops to enhance their PR writing and public speaking skills. Any member who is interested in strengthening their PR skills are encouraged to join!




Committee Head:

Dahlia Boone |


The Digital Committee works to grow our chapter’s brand while giving members the opportunity to build their digital tactic skills. Members can expect to work on website content creation, contribute to our blog, expand their portfolios with digital pieces, and learn how to influence audiences through social channels.




Committee Head:

Celia Wolk |

The Community Service Committee is devoted to finding ways for chapter members to get involved within the Temple and Philadelphia communities. Members can expect to brainstorm ideas for community service opportunities as well as volunteer at events to give back to our communities. In the past, the community service and fundraising committees worked together to volunteer at the AIDS Fund Walk and for Jumpstart Philadelphia, among many opportunities. Members who are interested in giving back to their community while applying their PR skills are encouraged to join!




Committee Head:

Anne Joseph |

The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee is devoted to enhancing both existing and emerging diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within the chapter. Members are given the opportunity to be a part of a safe and inclusive environment within the large organization, and to share their ideas and opinions heard if they are comfortable in doing so. Members can expect to engage in conversations about experiences and current events, brainstorm for upcoming events and workshops, write blog posts, and create graphics for social media platforms. Any member who seeks to make a difference within our community is encouraged to join!




Committee Heads:

Gwen Erdley |

Gwen Quackenboss |

The Conference Committee works to prepare for the year's upcoming conference, this year's theme being PRolitics. By joining this committee, there is opportunity to learn and experience key event planning skills such as fundraising, theme creation & development, social media promotion, organization, speaker outreach, and more! It is both an excellent portfolio piece and resume builder. For those interested in event planning, this is the committee fo you!

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