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Meeting Recap: March 20, 2018

On Tuesday, March 20, our Public Relations Committee had an energetic third meeting of the spring semester. Committee members are learning more about the public relations industry while strengthening their skills by attending writing workshops. Thus far, the committee practiced pitching, writing press kits, and learned about crisis communication.

At today’s meeting committee members learned ten important crisis communication tips and reviewed real life crisis communication examples. As aspiring communicators, knowing how to address and defend the reputation of a company or organization is essential to keep a positive relationship with the public.

The committee discussed topics like Johnson & Johnson’s cyanide crisis and Kim Kardashian’s blackface debacle. Committee members discussed how to fix reputations and created crisis communication plans to defend Johnson & Johnson and Kim Kardashian. Members enjoyed relating industry skills to real life examples, compared to hypotheticals.

Overall, members are learning a variety of public relations topics and skills. From pitching to writing a press release, members are leaving the committee with a basic understanding of important skills to have in the public relations or related industries. If you’re a new member or interested in PRSSA next semester, I highly recommend joining the public relations committee to get a basic understanding of public relations skills, from writing press release to handling crisis communications.

This meeting recap was written by Secretary, Jeremy Rives.

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