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Alumni Spotlight: Shaun Luberski

Shaun Luberski (’16), Account Executive at Philadelphia magazine, became very successful in her career through lots of determination and dedication to what she does. From getting involved from the get-go her freshman year, to becoming secretary of PRowl, Luberski showed that a lot of hard work and dedication can really pay off.

Luberski’s public relations journey began when she set foot on campus as a strategic communications major. She started getting involved in many different clubs across campus, two of those clubs being PRSSA and PRowl. Coming from a large high school and being involved there, she wanted to get involved here as well and make new friends and learn more about the public relations field.

In her senior year, Luberski’s hard work led her to become secretary of PRowl. During her time at PRowl, she wrote about general body and executive board meetings to the firm, wrote weekly blog posts, and she even helped brainstorm, plan, and organize their first Alumni Panel!

Luberski attended many events during her time in PRSSA, including the TU Invitational, PRSSA National Conference and PPRA’s Career 101. Her favorite of all of these was going to the National Conferences in Washington DC and Philadelphia. She enjoyed being able to meet people from other PRSSA members from across the country, being able to travel with other members from Temple to Washington DC and attending different sessions.

Every day, Luberski gets to use the skills she’s learned from PRSSA, and she feels that it really prepared her for the career she has today at Philadelphia magazine. “I feel prepared in everyday situations such as client meetings and networking events because of skills I learned in both organizations,” she said. She is very thankful for the friends and connections she’s made, along with the experience she’s gained from PRSSA and PRowl.

Since graduating from Temple in 2016, Luberski became an Account Executive for Philadelphia magazine, also known as “Philly Mag.” Here, she develops and sells media programs to many of her clients, gets to know the various businesses and audiences, and helps give exposure and awareness to the companies. PRSSA and PRowl really helped Luberski with her career, as she said, “I am so thankful for Temple, PRSSA and PRowl! It was an incredible experience and helped ‘PRepare’ me for my post-college life in so many ways!”

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, General Body Member.

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