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Alumni Spotlight: Pamela Hiddemen

Pamela Hiddemen (‘09), Senior Brand Strategist at Klick, has become very successful in her career through her hard work and determination. From being a part of the chapter since day one to landing a spot on e-board in 2008 as Historian, Hiddemen proved that success comes with hard work, dedication, and determination.

Hiddemen’s story with PRSSA started the fall of her freshman year, just like many of us. She saw the table at Temple Fest and immediately knew that this club was right for her. As a strategic communication and advertising double major, with a concentration in public relations, she was determined to get involved as soon as she could. Through PRSSA, she made a lot of amazing friends and memories!

All of Hiddemen’s hard work in PRSSA paid off during her senior year, as she became Historian and head of the PR committee for the year! Being Historian, she kept track of the exciting events that PRSSA held throughout the year.

Throughout her time in PRSSA, Hiddemen attended many events and enjoyed each and every one she took part in. One of her favorite events that she went to was a networking event that Temple PRSSA and Rowan PRSSA hosted together.

One of the things that Hiddemen is most thankful for from PRSSA is the connections she has made and the confidence she has gained. Through PRSSA, she gained the confidence to apply to internships and to make connections with others on campus.

Since graduating in 2009, Hiddemen worked in different advertising agencies, such as Digitas Health and W20. For the past 10 years, she has been working with major pharma and healthcare clients at various agencies. She loves uncovering different insights through research because it allows her to get creative in her job. One piece of advice that she has is “to enjoy the moment more. College is a time you get to embrace and explore your own interests, and I wish I had done more of it!”

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Digital Publications Editor.

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