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Alumni Spotlight: Samantha Gower

One of the best perks about being a part of Temple PRSSA’s chapter is the amazing and engaging alumni we have access to! Samantha Gower graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and with a minor in General Business. Now she’s the Senior SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Associate at Seer Interactive in Philadelphia.

During her time at Temple, Gower was very involved in PRowl and PRSSA. In 2014 she joined PRSSA after her mentor Niki Ianni-Young (past Firm Director), persuaded her to do so. Eventually, Gower served as both the Assistant Firm Director and Firm Director of PRowl!

Serving on PRowl’s eboard positively impacted Gower and prepped her for the real world. Gower shared that serving on the eboard gave her a sense of responsibility for both her own work and when working as a team. PRowl and PRSSA had a hand in helping Gower succeed after college. “PRowl/Temple are the reason I have a great career”, Gower explained. “I was empowered by faculty and students to go big, take on challenges, and rise to the occasion. I developed a sense of confidence to deliver actionable strategies to clients. I also learned I was meant for #agencylife. I loved the sense of juggling multiple projects and dipping my toes in various industries.”

Looking back at her time at Temple, Gower explained her favorite PRSSA memory was when she attended Relay for Life. It was a chance to better understand their members and to give back to the community. Happy hours were also fun!

Gower believes the PR industry has definitely changed since she started and loves the fact the PR is going digital! She explains, “You can effectively track your efforts and how those efforts contribute to your brands/client bottom line.”

When I asked Sam if she could go back in time and tell herself one thing she replied, “RELAX, college is stressful no question about it, but take it one day at a time, smell the roses and enjoy the 4+ years because life after college comes at you fast and hard.”

Upon graduation, Gower’s life has been pretty exciting. Gower had the opportunity to backpack through Europe and get married! She also joined the Associate Board for Pennsylvania Covenant House, an organization dedicated to helping homeless and trafficked youth in Pennsylvania.

A word of advice from Gower: “You get out of life what you put into it.”

This blog post was written by Shania Genwright, Assistant Conference Coordinator

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