Regional conference

On March 22 and 23, Temple hosted the 2019 PRSSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, and it was a huge success! Over 130 aspiring public relations professionals from 24 different universities on the east coast came to this event to see the amazing panelists and speakers, as well as to learn more about the different sectors of the public relations world. 


Having this conference was such a great opportunity for us to network with the people around us, whether it be with students from other schools, or with the speakers and panelists. Not only did we get to do this during the networking portion of the conference at the very end, but we got a chance to talk to so many people during the reception dinner the night before at the Hard Rock Cafe! 


The food, by the way, was outstanding at both the reception dinner and at the conference luncheon! With grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesesteak eggrolls, and so much more to choose from, it was really hard to go hungry.


Celebrating 50 wonderful years of Temple PRSSA by holding a regional conference was no small feat, and it was one of the most amazing opportunities we've gotten the chance to do. In March 2020, we are excited to host the Mid-Atlantic District Conference. If you are interested in learning more, click here