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The Transfer Transition

Transferring schools isn’t easy, especially during one’s junior year. I transferred to Temple from my community college right after my sophomore year. Going from my local community college to a reputable university in one of the biggest cities in the U.S. was intimidating, to say the least. I spent the whole summer shopping for my college apartment and texting my future roommate about what we were both planning to bring. Luckily, my random roommate turned into one of my closest friends on campus. While my roommate and I had a smooth experience, all that comes with transferring schools can be a difficult transition. Here are a few tips that eased my transition:

Get familiar with where your classes are and the building names.

I visited Temple a few times during the summer before I started my classes in the fall. Fortunately, I live in South Jersey, so it was an easy drive for me. Since some people might be commuting from farther away, this might be difficult for them. I suggest downloading the TUmobile app. It contains a great map with all the building names and pin drops to give the user the exact location. Nobody wants to be that person on campus looking lost trying to navigate to their classes.

Join an organization.

I joined PRSSA during my second semester of my junior year. It is harder to meet new friends when everyone is already settled in and developed a routine. Joining an organization or club that you are interested in can really make your college experience more exciting. Not only do you develop new skills, but it is also a great way of meeting people with common interests.

Talk to people in your classes.

Don’t be that person who just sits on their phone during the entire class period. Temple has a relatively small student-to-teacher ratio. If you’re in a small classroom, talk to the people around you, especially if it is a class required for your major. You will most likely have other major classes with them as well. It’s always good to know at least one person in your class, in case you have a sick day or just feel like skipping that 8 am (it’ll happen more time than you planned, trust me!).

Temple University is a college with a great deal of transfer students. You may think you are the only transfer student, but there are plenty of other students in the same situation. One of the worsts things you can do is hide out in their dorm and not communicate. Meeting new people is intimidating but don’t let that stop you from going out there and trying! You can really build a sense of community at your college once you meet the right crowd for you.

If you need someone to talk to about Temple or anything else, feel free to reach out to me at my email:

Hope everyone has a successful fall semester!

This blog post was written by Freya Christian, Treasurer

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