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Summer 2020, You Were Actually Good to Me

Who can believe that we are less than a week from the fall semester?

From the countless weekly grocery runs to the late afternoon drives to dog parks, this summer has flown by. I could not remember how many masks and hand sanitizers I have ordered, but what I will always remember is that this summer treated me pretty well for multiple reasons.

  1. I had a remote internship

This summer, I was supposed to attend a sports business academy in New York City then travel to Japan for the Olympics. Because of obvious reasons, all plans were canceled. After a week of ice-cream-eating, I went to an online seminar. It talked about how employers are still seeking voluntary help during the pandemic. On that day, I sent my resume out to five different companies. Luckily, I got an offer that weekend. 

Working remotely with 20 college students from across the U.S. was very unique--chatting with people in the same situation as you made it feel easier to get through the long-quarantined days. I am very thankful for a purpose to get ready in the morning. Going to Zoom meetings with suit blazers and sweatpants was never in mind when I planned summer 2020 back in January.

2. I branded myself

Purchasing a domain might be the most grown-up thing I have done yet, “” was born in July 2020 (you can visit it here!). Learning how to use design tools from YouTube tutorials was my main entertainment this summer. Making graphics for my website soon turned into a full portfolio. Then I created my own TikTok account about basketball, food, and crafting. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to capture the moment. I also made a podcast, A Rose with Thorns. Talking about my journey in the U.S., college tips, and quarantine life gave me a way to stay in touch with people, since 40 out of my 50 listeners are my friends.

3. I support BLM

ll the social movements have taught me so many things that I never knew I needed to know. I am proud to say that I stand with Black lives, and I am still learning more everyday.

4. I turned 20

“We may not know what lies ahead of us in the future years, nor even in the days or hours immediately beyond. But for a few yards, or possibly only a few feet, the track is clear, our duty is plain, our course is illumined. For that short distance, for the next step, lighted by the inspiration of God, go on!”-- James E. Talmage

Like I always say, there is a blessing in the storm. 2020 was nobody’s year, but I found the good in the worst situations. Trust me, you can too.

This blog post was written by Cindy Chen, Temple PRSSA Vice President

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