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  • Kiersten Sholly

Spending my Summertime Wisely

Currently, we are about a month into summer vacation and have only a couple more months to go. Summers seem to fly by every year, and this year, I've been trying to make the most of each day. In an effort to make every day count, I've been doing one thing I love every day.

Some days are more eventful than others, but doing one thing that I love every single day is relatively easy. On my eventful days, it's easier to do something I love, because I usually spend time with friends or make plans to do something fun. So far these fun things have included going out to eat, going to the Philadelphia Flower Show, going to Dave & Buster's, and going on a trip to Rhode Island. These days have been so much fun and have been filled with a lot of smiles and laughs. On my more boring days, doing the one thing that I love can be as simple as going to my favorite store or baking some cupcakes. These simple things bring me a lot of joy, and they all add up to make a summer full of happiness.

My busier days make it harder for me to do something I love, because I am usually running around to check things off my to-do list or working. Even on these busy days, I try to find time to relax and do something I enjoy, like watching my favorite show or playing with my cat. It's easy to feel like summer is filled with busy days where there's no time for fun, but those small things make me happy and make my summer fun.

It's easy to feel like summer flies by in the blink of an eye, but don't let it feel like that! Make sure you do something fun and that you enjoy each day, and mark your calendar with fun things to do. Also, it's okay to not have a jam-packed summer, take some time to relax and do nothing too!

This blog post was written by Kiersten Sholly, Digital Publications Editor

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