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Guest Speaker Recap: Ransford Whaumbush of Gregory FCA

This past Tuesday, September 14th, Temple PRSSA welcomed Klein, PRSSA and PRowl alumnus (KLN ‘14) Ransford Whaumbush of Gregory FCA. Ransford detailed his journey to PR at Temple (then Strategic Communications), along with what attracted him to Pennsylvania's largest full-service public relations firm.

Ransford is the Business Development & Marketing Specialist at Gregory FCA, striving to onboard clients in esports, gaming, real estate, consumer tech, cybersecurity, healthcare and financial service. He works with internal marketing and brand initiatives in terms of social media and marketing campaigns. Some of the firm’s most notable clients include Allianz, Scuf Gaming, Orion and the Philly-based Nerd St. Gamers. Additionally, he is helping spearhead the Diversity and Inclusion task force at Gregory FCA, whose goal is to bring diverse candidates into the PR field.

Once a college junior studying business, Ransford was drawn to PR because of its versatility: PR practitioners are necessary in any field, be it sports, healthcare or non-profit organizations. During his final year at Temple he made the jump to PR, citing it as one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Following his time at Temple, Ransford was a part of PECO’s Corporate Relations department. With PECO he focused on advertisement coordination and sponsorship distribution while working closely with Philadelphia's famous companies: The Philadelphia 76ers, The Philadelphia Eagles, Comcast and Wells Fargo. He was also involved in Philly’s biggest events including the 2015 Papal Visit and the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

What attracted Ransford to Gregory FCA was how the firm’s president and founder, Greg Matusky, values his employees. The sweeping expansion of the Top 50 firm into digital marketing and relations, web development and Executive Visibility captivated him even further. The most recent advancements that Ransford emphasized were video and podcasting, along with influencer relations. With the incorporation of a ‘here and now’ studio in the firm’s basement, digital content can be easily and quickly shot, produced and released. Also in the digital world, Gregory FCA has coordinated influencer partnerships with the likes of Jessica Alba and Marques Brownlee.

Aligned with Gregory FCA’s mission to make sure the world knows that its national and international clients are changing the world, Ransford brought bold and integrated stories to the forefront of Temple PRSSA members’ minds.

This blog post was written by Caitlin McGeehan, Digital Publications Editor.

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