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Ready or Not, Here I Come!

By: Chelsea Seidel, Conference Coordinator

About four years ago I took a trip to Europe with an amazing family friend. It’s safe to say that trip gave me the “travel bug”, and I have had the want to go back ever since. Since Temple offered many study abroad programs, I went in search of trying to find a way to study abroad during my college career. I had much discussion with friends, family, and people who have studied abroad in the past. Finally after much waiting, I will be journeying back to my happy place, Europe, at the end of August; but this time, I get to stay longer than two weeks!

My excitement is really ramping up as these final days come to a close, but so is my anxiety about packing and not getting everything done before I leave. Is it me or has this summer gone by super fast?! So far this summer has been a calm one as compared to my last several summers. I have been babysitting and nannying for majority of the time and just enjoying the sunshine in the city with friends! Having a relaxing summer really is great, and I’m excited to jump back into a crazy lifestyle once I touchdown in Italy on August 29!

There are so many things I have to look forward to during my time in Rome. I have been booking weekend trips with my friends across Europe. To date we will be visiting Germany, the Amalfi Coast, Oktoberfest, and a few more cities across Europe in our four months in Italy. I’m excited to take pictures and enjoy exploring new cities across the globe!

The one downside to all of this is packing for four months in about 85 pounds. Let me tell you: packing wardrobe in the constraints of the airline is not easy! I have practiced packing too many times to count and it still doesn’t all fit. Needless to say, I’m super stressed about getting it all to fit. If you have any packing tips or tricks, please let me know!!!

As I prepare for my trip and make sure everything is ready, I’m beginning to realize how much I am going to miss Philadelphia, Temple, and all my friends and family that will be stateside while I’m away. I know these next four months in Rome will go by quickly and I’ll be back to enjoy the Temple fun again soon. In the meantime while I’m gone if you have any questions about study abroad or just want to talk, please feel free to reach out to me!  I look forward to re-joining PRSSA and everyone else in January!

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