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My Mid-College Crisis

A few weeks ago, my family and I were driving home from the shore and we decided to come through Broad Street by Temple’s campus. I always love taking this particular route, because being around campus always makes me feel happy and excited. Anytime I am close to the campus all the feelings of home suddenly come flooding back. Temple truly is my home, and whenever I am gone for too long I cannot wait to return. I always know I am home when I hear the busy cars pass by or see the red flags blowing in the wind. But, this time when we drove by, I saw all of the incoming freshmen attending orientation. For the first time making their way into this home that I love so dearly. In that moment, a wave of fear and nostalgia washed over me. Just two short summers ago I was in their shoes walking home for the first time. Walking into a home that at the time I knew nothing about but quickly grew to love so much.

It feels like just yesterday I drove to Temple for freshman orientation with butterflies in my stomach. Now, I am entering my junior year and have two whole years of college under my belt. The realization of this continuously hits me and I am shocked by how fast this time has gone by, and how little there seems to be left. I am so happy to be a student at Temple and have had the best years of my life here, and I feel unprepared to let that go in a couple years. I have officially hit what I have affectionately named my “mid-college crisis”.

This crisis has caused me to have so many emotions surrounding Temple and all of my years to come. In these two short years, Temple has not only given me the most incredible experiences but has indefinitely carved out a place in my heart. From the beginning of freshman year trying to navigate my new adult life, to my sophomore year of adjustment and discovery, I have learned and grown so much in my time at Temple. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, the experiences I have gained and the wonderful memories that have led me to this crisis. If my experience at Temple had been any other way maybe I would not have this crisis. Maybe instead I would be counting down the days until my graduation. However, I am unsure of what lies ahead and thankful for what has already been.

One of the greatest things about my experience at Temple so far has been my involvement on campus. I am a member of the Singing Owls Community Choir and I adore being a part of it. I have been singing since my childhood, and the ability to continue pursuing that passion here at Temple is so important to me. And, of course my involvement in both PRSSA and PRowl Public Relations. The friendships, connections and experiences I have gained through my relationships with these associations are invaluable. I am so excited to be serving on the eboard this year and to continue to grow as a communicator and professional. Having the support of my peers definitely helps to lessen my crisis!

Nevertheless, when I finally do cross that stage and take my diploma, I will always hold my time at Temple and the feelings of home in my heart. I strive to live one day at a time and not let fear of the future impede my enjoying the present. While my mid-college crisis is strong, my love and excitement about Temple is even stronger.

This blog post was written by Caitlin Gemmi, Digital Publications Editor

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