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Membership Spotlight: Park Seghal

The third membership spotlight of the year is Park Seghal, a sophomore majoring in public relations. This is Park’s first semester as a member of PRSSA and he is already a very committed member of our chapter. He can often be found participating in meetings and bonding with the executive board!

Here is a Q&A session with Park:

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Chapel Hill but moved to Prince George's County, Maryland when I was about three years old. We moved to Howard County, Maryland when I was eight and that's where I stayed until I came back to Philly last year. Howard County is a suburb about 40 minutes from Baltimore.

Q: Why do you love PRSSA? What do you hope to get out of it?

A: I love PRSSA because it provides so many great resources, like workshops on software or guest speakers who've worked in areas I'm interested in. I hope that I can get a lot of networking out of PRSSA and hopefully make some friends along the way. The e-board impresses upon us that they want us to get internships and that they're there to help us do so, which is very encouraging as well.

Q: What have you done with the PR committee?

A: I haven't done much with the PR committee yet but in one of our meetings we went over press releases and I have one due tomorrow that I looked over the slides from that presentation to look for tips.

Q: What PRSSA events have you participated in?

A: This is my first year with PRSSA so I haven't done any events but I'm looking forward to the regional conference and some of the community service events we're doing in the future.

Q: What other TU organizations are you a part of?

A: I'm also on the By Any Means Necessary Dance Company, a four-star minority organization on campus. We're a hip hop dance team and have been around since 2001. I joined the first semester of my freshman year and I'm so happy I did. Everyone on the team treats each other like family and it's great to know I have a whole team of friends I can contact if I need something.

Q: What is the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

A: The coolest place I've ever visited was definitely Calcutta, India. It's my favorite city in India because it's one of the most technologically advanced and fast-paced, it very much reminds me of New York. The colors of women's sari's, the smell of gelabi frying in street vending carts, and the constant honking of cars all make it one of my favorite places on Earth.

Q: Favorite social media platform and why?

A: My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I really enjoy posting stuff that so many of my friends and family can see, I have several family members from India who follow me on Instagram. I can also get lost for hours in the explore page, looking at those stupid soap cutting videos or dog videos.

Q: Dream job?

A: My dream job is head reputation management expert for Amazon. I really enjoy crisis communications and I know Amazon provides a lot of experience in that department.

To learn more about Park follow him on social media!

Instagram: @park_seagull

This blog post was written by Caitlin Gemmi, Digital Publications Editor & Park Seghal, General Body Member & Spotlight Recipient.

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