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Key Takeaways From A Senior

As I prepare to enter my senior year at Temple, I can’t help but think about how far I have come since my first day as a freshman in college. Each year was challenging in its own unique way, however, each year contributed to my growth and development into who I am professionally and personally. I wanted to share the advice I would have given myself through each year of college, as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. No matter what year you may be entering, I hope you can find a takeaway from my advice and use it to guide you in your college journey. 

A Note to my Freshman Self: Have an open mind.

As a freshman I came to Temple undecided, nervous and naïve. Little did I know the knowledge and insight I was about to obtain and how it would change my worldviews. I wasn’t the freshman with a set plan and goal, but if you are, don’t be afraid to try new things and get involved in activities you might not have seen yourself in. I joined every club I had an interest in, and I was eventually able to weed out what I liked and what I didn’t. This is the year to experiment, have fun and try new things!

A Note to my Sophomore Self: Narrow down your interests and follow your heart.

Sophomore year was exciting because I knew the ropes of being in college but I was still on the younger side of being a college student. I was able to enjoy time developing relationships with friends while taking time to figure out my career path. At this time, I would recommend starting to narrow down your options and following what interests you most to prioritize your time. If you have trouble figuring out what this is, like I did, listen to your heart. If it is something you enjoy spending your time doing and brings you positivity, stick with it! Don’t keep investing your time and energy into things which don’t motivate or excite you when you wake up in the morning. 

A Note to my Junior Self: Get ready to work!

This was the year of opportunity, but with opportunity came a lot of hard work. I was challenged every step of the way my junior year and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy! In the midst of classes, interning, working and leadership positions I learned the limits of my abilities and performance. However, despite the long nights and tiring days, the hard work you put in will pay off and set you up for success your senior year!

A Note to my Senior Self: Live in the present. 

This note isn’t a reflection, but a promise to myself going into my senior year at Temple. There is a lot of hype built around senior year and pressure to make sure these four years were worth the investment of time and money. However, I promise to take this year day by day and find out more about myself and what I want to do as I grow in my final year at Temple. I won’t get too caught up in the pressure of ending my undergraduate journey, but enjoy this time with my friends and celebrate who I have become. Because in the end everything will work itself out one way or another and it’s important to remember graduating is an accomplishment to be proud of! 

This blog post was written by Emma McClain, President.

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