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Just Show Up

It was a dreary day in the dead of winter, and I sat on my bed counting all the reasons I should not go to the event I promised I would go to. The weather, my hair, I don’t have an outfit, parking will be a nightmare, were some of the excuses to name a few. The one excuse that always seemed to work was: "maybe next time."

So of course, I didn’t go. Fast forward to the next day where I hear everything that my friends

gained from going and I did not have a valid reason why I couldn't make it. This became a habit and maybe it was anxiety that kept me from going to all those events, or maybe it was

procrastination. All I know is one day I had enough. I was sick of stealing these opportunities

away from myself.

That is when I vowed to say yes to all of the invitations..and actually follow through. I wrote on a pink sticky note: “Show Up!” And stuck it to my mirror. It began small with a party and grew into so much more. I soon found myself in places I never thought I would be; countries that I never dreamed I would visit. Those are stories in themselves, but all of these doors were opened to me because I decided to show up.

I stopped listening to all the excuses I created and just went for it. I became involved in

organizations, met amazing people, and began creating my network. Now that I have a new

mindset, I do not say yes to every invitation, but I still keep my motto when some days when

those old excuses start creeping up.

Of course, there are days when I am sick or need to prioritize my agenda, but I think it is

important to remember that sometimes you just have to show up despite your fears or hesitations. Whether it is a club you have always wanted to join, a fitness class you keep

eyeing, or an event you have been dying to go to but cannot find anyone to go with you. Just

show up! You never know where that first step will take you.

This blog post was written by Mikaila Cordeau, Director of Social Media.

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