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How to Handle A Busy Week

Being a college student is already hard enough, and trying to balance everything else going on can make things harder. I’m no stranger to being overscheduled; it’s taken me years to understand and perfect my own way of staying on track. Whether it’s work, internships, sports, or simply just making time to chill with friends, there are three things I always like to keep in mind while going through my busy week.

1. Keep your space comfortable and clean

The one thing I have noticed the most throughout my college career, especially now considering virtual classes, is that my mood and motivation are directly correlated with the space around me. Wherever you choose to take classes or complete work, make sure you are comfortable and have the ability to focus. Keeping a clean room or space can keep from distracting you during a class or meeting. Light a candle, incense, or put a diffuser on with scents like peppermint which are known to increase activity.

2. Write out your To-Do List on Sunday, but keep adding to it

As someone who can sometimes be forgetful, I am a big believer in a good list. This being said, even when making my weekly ‘to-do’ list, I still often forget small details or things I may have to do. This is why, in addition to the first to-do list I make, I utilize sticky notes for those after-the-fact thoughts. The convenience of being able to put a sticky note wherever, whenever allows me to never forget the small things, even if it’s just taking food out of the freezer for dinner.

3. Make time for you

Self-care has become more prominent in the media and market nowadays, but sometimes it doesn’t seem achievable. Self-care isn’t just spending money on a new bath bomb or hair mask--it also means taking time to just take care of you. Especially during a busy semester filled with stressful and demanding assignments or tasks, it is important that you are taking time to yourself, even with mundane activities: nap, paint, cook, put a new outfit on, make your bed, watch a movie on Netflix, or (safely) hang out with friends or roommates. Sometimes, in the chaos of life, we forget how important the small and simple things are.

This blog post was written by Brianna McDevitt, Director of Mentorship.

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