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How to be Organized and Focused While Doing School Virtually

Doing classes virtually has not, and will not, be easy. It takes a lot of getting used to and lots of different techniques to keep you engaged. While being in an environment like the library or Tech Center can help you concentrate, we don’t have much access to them right now.

Being stuck in your bedroom all day makes it so easy to get distracted or unorganized. To keep this from happening, here are six tips for you to stay organized and focused while doing school virtually!

1. Use your planner!!!

I’ve been using my planner so much ever since school started, and even last semester when we went virtual in March. I use it to keep track of homework and what work I should be doing each day so I don’t get overwhelmed.

2. Change up the location you’re doing work in

If you feel that you’re starting to feel unmotivated in the room you’re working in, try switching it up! If you’re working in your bedroom, try working in the kitchen or living room. If it’s nice outside, write your papers in your yard!

3. Keep your phone on the opposite side of the room

Your phone is going to be a huge distraction, I know it is for me. Keep it far away from you so you won’t be able to touch it until you’re done your work.

4. Remove any distractions from your room

Not only do you need to remove your phone, but you should also remove any other distractions you may have: your watch, iPad, or even some apps on your computer. Stay on one or two tabs maximum on your computer to keep you from getting distracted.

5. Color code

I found that color coding things make my life so much easier with organization. I color code all my classes in my planner, and I use those same colors on Google Drive and on my white board calendar.

6. Take a break every once in a while

It’s so important that you take a break while you’re working. Every hour or so, take a break. Use your phone, watch a show, eat some food. It’s so important to take these breaks so you don’t burn out.

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Secretary

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