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Guest Speaker: Brittany Harmon

Last Tuesday on October 8th, Brittany Harmon of Weber Shandwick came to speak to current PRSSA members at our weekly meeting. She spoke about her journey as an undergrad student at University of Delaware and then her post-grad journey to becoming Vice President at Weber Shandwick.

At University of Delaware she majored in English and minored in Journalism, but after she took one PR class, she fell in love with it. She then became involved with her school’s chapter of PRSSA. Following her graduation, she worked at Vault Communications temporarily and then found Weber Shandwick. She was able to work her way up and is currently Vice President there.

Weber Shandwick has 128 locations and 1800+ employees worldwide. Some popular clients of Weber Shandwick are Budweiser, Smartwater, Tums, and Stand Up to Cancer. One recognizable campaign from Weber Shandwick was Bud Light for “Philly Philly”, the famous saying of Philadelphia Eagles fans during the 2017 football season. They also had a migraine experience for their client, Excedrin, where people used virtual reality to experience the symptoms of a migraine. These are just a few examples of Weber Shandwick’s work, which have won numerous awards over the years.

Brittany shared a story about how she dressed up as Kirby the Krimpet, Tastykake’s mascot, for an event. She talked about how this showed her enthusiasm for teamwork and offered advice to our members, using this story as an example. She explained how important it is to be willing to go out of your comfort zone and adapt to your environment. She was flexible and stepped up to be Kirby the Krimpet, showing here willingness to try new things. Some other advice she shared was to keep reading (especially the news), ask questions, be proactive, and to balance your work and social life while also taking time to enjoy yourself.

Brittany also explained that it takes a while to adjust to a new client at work, comparing it to a game of chess. She told us how important it is to find a bond with them and to ask them how their doing, because it shows that you care on a personal level. Writing down your clients’ birthdays and sending them a birthday card is a good idea, because everyone appreciates a handwritten note. 

The presentation ended with questions from the audience and overall, it was beneficial to hear her experiences and the advice she gave. She had plenty of stories to share and it was helpful to hear her perspective on the work she and Weber Shandwick have done.

This blog post was written by Kiersten Sholly, General Body Member.

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