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Go Out of Your Comfort Zone!

It's scary trying new things! If you're like me, you don't like to fail and when you mess something up, it just gets you down. I have been so scared of failure my whole life but who isn't? it's a normal feeling. We don't want to let anyone down especially yourself. 

This summer, I tried to focus more on making memories than the "what if's? What if I didn't take that serving job at my work? What if I didn't go on that 5 mile hike? This summer I really wanted to try new things. 

I've been working at Red Robin for over 2 years now and was terrified of becoming a server. Eventually, I convinced myself to try it. I was so afraid of dropping trays, spilling drinks, or getting the customers order wrong. If it's one thing I learned being a waitress, failure is bound to happen. You accidentally type in an order wrong, not the end of the world. I've learned to accept my flaws and know that I'm not going to be perfect everyday. 

I went on a 5 mile hike! I am not in the greatest of shape but I wanted to get out of the house on my day off and try something I've never done. Which was hike for 5 hours! It was a lot of terrain and ups and downs but I powered through out. Upon reaching the end, you can look over the mountains and see just how far you went. That was a very rewarding moment. 

This summer for me has been all about self love. I learned so much more about myself once I learned to love who I am and push myself to my limits. It takes time to realize your potential and that's okay. It's okay to fail, I learned that through my PR classes and it has helped me ever since. Failure is a part of life but it's how you react to your failure thats important. Don't let it get you down, take it as a learning point. Where did you go wrong? How will you fix it for next time?

If we don't fail in life, we aren't pushing ourselves to our potential. Get out of your comfort zone today! Try new things! I promise you it's worth it.

This blog post was written by Kali Lauer, Assistant Conference Coordinator.

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