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  • Christina Billie

Four Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Break from School

It is definitely safe to say that this school year has been a tough one for a lot of people. After eight months of online learning, online internships, and barely leaving the house, it’s completely valid to be exhausted and drained. This summer, give yourself a break - a break from summer classes and internships (that’s what I’m doing this summer too). Here are four things you can do on your relaxing summer break that doesn’t involve anything school-related.

1. Pick up a new hobby

Learn something new this summer! Personally, I’ve started to take up cooking. I look up recipes online and go from there. Other times, I just make stuff up as I go and learn from those mistakes and correct them next time.

2. Go for walks

Going on walks can really clear up your mind from any thoughts or stress you have. Pop in some earbuds and listen to your favorite album or podcast and enjoy your long walk!

3. Safely visit some friends

Safely hang out with friends nearby! Hang out with friends from high school, or if your school friends live nearby, go and see them! Go outside in the beautiful summer weather and get some boba, talk strolls around your town, or take day trips to your nearby city!

4. Go on a trip - safely, of course

Go on a road trip with your family or some friends - safely of course! Pack up your masks and go somewhere fun!

No matter what you do to unwind and relax this summer, make the most of it! Learn something new or travel somewhere fun. Enjoy your summer before it’s time to go back to school again in August!

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Vice president

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