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Finding My "Pitch Perfect"

As a kid, when I imagined my life at college, I thought everything would be like Pitch Perfect. The film was a pivotal point in my middle school years. I wanted my college experience to be just like Beca’s - perfect social life, beautiful weather every day, and a plethora of Hollywood actors and actresses wandering around campus while singing. As I look back at my first-year experience at Temple University, I realize it was nothing like Pitch Perfect. In reality, I had classes and homework every day, and I did not see Rebel Wilson or Anna Kendrick anywhere on campus. Despite these differences, my first year at Temple was fantastic.

To anyone starting college, I offer a few pieces of advice to make the best of your year:

  1. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. College is an important time to grow. If something seems interesting to you, try it!

  2. Being alone sometimes doesn’t make you a loser. Don’t be afraid to go to a new club or event, even if you have to go alone. The only way to meet new people is to put yourself out there!

  3. Try not to worry. Everything takes time. Starting college is a big adjustment, but with a little bit of time and energy, eventually you’ll feel right at home.

  4. Take time for yourself! While academics are important, don’t forget to put rest and relaxation in your schedule.

  5. Live in the moment. College is the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy it!

Although my first year at college was not exactly as depicted in Pitch Perfect, it was my version of that Hollywood movie - and all and all, it went well!

This blog post was written by Stephanie Zajac, Assistant Conference Coordinator.

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