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Fall Semester Prep Essentials

As fortunate or unfortunate it may sound, back to school season has arrived. Your college career may be in one of three states: you are trying to figure out post graduation plans, you are contemplating your major, or you are just beginning college with a set of pre-jitters. Although the Target and Staples advertisements promoting school supplies began airing on TV in May, there are some essentials you just cannot purchase (except for one) that will ease you into this upcoming semester.


In pocket, easy to carry, or wallet sized, agendas come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that will help you keep your priorities in check. This basic necessity is one many swear by for time management, assignment completion, productivity, planning arrangements, etc. Mapping out your tasks daily or weekly through an agenda is an ensured step to help you align your goals and objectives for each semester.

“You” Space

Focusing. What does that consist of, you may ask? Focusing can be classified as a struggle amongst most college students, but here I present a makeshift solution for the greater good. Varying tasks, assignments, projects, and meetings can be overwhelming or demanding, therefore it’s crucial to find a space or environment where grind time can happen with limited stressors and distractions. Rather than the generic study space, this location should be filled with the things you know will benefit your train of thought and boundless energy.


Just another thing we’re all ~most likely~ lacking, and if you aren’t struggling with this, curse you. Kidding. College students often believe an adequate amount of sleep is impossible to achieve, which can be understandable. However, we can always devote time for a nap or any other form of relaxation. Sleep resets your thoughts and it’s important to realize the times you desperately need it. We can choose to go out, or choose to stay in. There’s always a time and a place, but that’s ultimately your call. Mind over matter.

Quality Humans

Creating new bonds and maintaining friendships or relationships is not always easy on top of the million and one responsibilities college students have. However, these friendships and relationships are truly worth your time if these people spike your happiness, laughter, and confidence. They reassure you things will fall into place, support you in any way, and maneuver you past any endeavors. Your college sidekicks will help you thrive during any semester.

The Mindset

Begin this semester knowing you will conquer it all with grace and determination! It sounds cliché, but before classes start, take this time to enter a positive mindset and you will make it work *Tim Gun voice*. You will be mentally prepared for what’s to come next and possess the capabilities to strategically execute your duties.

That does it folks! I’m sure you were expecting material items to help you prep for this upcoming semester and this may sound like a lesson learned from an episode of Dora the Explorer, but you ALL already have the tools to pave a fulfilling and successful semester. Hope this helps! Good luck and catch you on the flip!

This blog post was written by Alaina DeLeone, TSG Representative

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