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Curing Summer Boredom

I know what you’re thinking. You’re assuming this is gonna be one of those lame, “Go outside and go for a jog!” or “Visit your local library and read a book” summer boredom posts. Well, it’s not. 

See, my only roommate, who’s also my best friend, is interning abroad this summer, leaving me by myself in our two-bed apartment. Many of my other close friends are also far away or studying abroad. While being alone can leave you with an empty, not-so-great feeling, it actually does have its perks. 

Having hours, days, weeks, even months to myself has given me the opportunity to explore. “Explore” — what does that even mean? Well, with a good old, strict budget, not as much as you may think. Even so, you can still be highly creative when you stay local in a place like Philadelphia. 

Here are five ways I’ve been able to cure my summer boredom at Temple. And if you’re in a similar situation, this list is for you! 

1. Teach yourself anything, literally anything

You have all the time in the world, or at least it seems like it. You might as well become multi-talented with all that space in your schedule. Go on YouTube and watch videos that teach you how to cook or sing (lord knows I need it), or binge some Netflix and watch how Marie Kondo tidies up (next thing you know, you’ll be saying thank you and goodbye to a t-shirt you’ve been holding onto for way too long). 

2. Get fit, or at least get the body you’ve always wanted

Yes, I know what I said at the beginning of this post. And trust me, you could never get me to go outside for a jog. But I will go to the gym to lift weights. I hit up STAR (Temple University Aramark Student Training and Recreation Complex) at Temple every day of the week to target body parts such as my arms, legs, back, chest, and shoulders. My physique has never looked better and I’ve never felt stronger — not just physically, but mentally too. When I lift weights, I zero into the contractions, the tension, and the desire to push myself. The focus and mind-to-muscle connection are just as great as the results. I love seeing how my body has changed since the beginning of summer. 

3. Go out and have a photoshoot with your friends

Most of us are guilty for mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and witnessing half of our friends traipsing all over the world, in gorgeous cities and on exotic beaches. And honestly, seeing these pictures constantly pop up on your feed can be a bit of a downer if you feel stuck at home. Hit up your friends and set up a day and time to get a photoshoot together so you can up your Insta-game. The photoshoot doesn’t have to be fancy! Just don’t forget your camera (your phone probably works just as well) and your beautiful smile. 

Trust me, it feels amazing to get dolled up and head into the city with friends. Let them hype you up as you channel your inner Tyra and smize for the camera! 

4. Enjoy some stargazing

Feel like enjoying the beauty of nature? The first thing you should do is Google the best stargazing spots in your area. From there, head to your location with some pals or a cute date — or even by yourself —  and bring items like snacks, binoculars, bug repellent, a blanket, and a phone with music ready. Don’t forget to wish upon a shooting star!

5. Do some summer cleaning

During the intense heat waves of summer, i