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All the Essentials to Host the Best Friendsgiving Ever

First time hosting Friendsgiving?  Friendsgiving veteran who wants to shake things up?  No matter what your experience level is, this article is your guide.  Use it as your toolkit to throw the best Friendsgiving that ever existed.


a. Potluck!  Have everyone bring something.  Ask your friends to show off their cooking skills.

b. Don’t.  Forget. Dessert.  It can be as simple as having a bowl of candy corn out on display or everyone baking a pie together.

c. Be courteous of people’s allergies/dietary restrictions 

d. Make people take leftovers home.  If they stay with you, you and your roommates will be eating turkey and green bean casserole until winter break.


a. Friends Thanksgiving episodes are classics.  However, if you think Friends is too “basic” or whatever, watch another 90s sitcom instead: specifically, Seinfeld’s “The Mom and Pop Store” episode.  

b. Who doesn’t love a good throwback?  Play one of Spotify’s 80s or early 2000s playlists and everyone will be singing along.

c. Make a guessing game of who’s thankful for what.

d. Everyone writes down what they're thankful for and place the paper into a bowl.  Then, go around the circle and pick a slip from the bowl. Read it aloud and everyone guesses who is thankful for what.

e. Obviously, pictures are a must at any Friendsgiving.  Shake things up and grab a polaroid or disposable camera, so you can always have a physical reminder of the best Friendsgiving ever.  

Have a headache from reading all of this?  Is your mind spinning trying to pick a color scheme and figuring out how to accommodate for your pescetarian/gluten-free/carb-free friend?  You and your friends can always hop on regional rail and take a road trip to the nearest Cracker Barrel.

This blog post was written by Milly McKinnish, General Body Member.

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