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“Alexa Put On Netflix”: A Netflix Suggestion Guide That's a Must Add to Your Quarantine Survival Kit

1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Everyone needs a riveting documentary series in their Netflix arsenal. If you're not believing the hype, I'm here to tell you: BELIEVE THE HYPE. I'm going to be real with you guys, I haven't finished it yet. With that said though, I am already hooked because it is seriously so juicy. Every episode is another twist and turns about how Joe Exotic (yes that is actually what he calls himself) grows to hate Carole Baskin so much that he tries to kill her. Plus, there are some seriously cute tigers.

Total watch time: ~5 hours and 50 minutes

Seasons/Episodes: 1 season, 7 episodes

2. On My Block

This is a quarantine and Netflix original MUST. You have to at least watch this show for Jamal, you’ll thank me later. Basically, it’s about this group of 4 high schoolers who navigate life in Crenshaw, a neighborhood in Los Angeles with a lot of gang activity. Don’t get me wrong, this show deals with some heavy topics, but it has hilarious side plots.

Total watch time: ~14 hours

Season/Episodes: 3 seasons, 28 episodes

3. The Office/Parks and Recreation

We all need a good, wholesome sitcom playing on a loop in the background of our quarantine lock up. You either love The Office or Parks and Rec., it's an on-going debate. If you haven't seen either, you need to get on it right now because you are missing out on some quality memes/jokes. Each is about a quirky group of office co-workers who go through experiences that would literally never happen in the workplace in real life.

Total watch time: The Office- ~64 hours; Parks and Rec- ~40 hours and 40 minutes

Seasons/Episodes: The Office- 9 seasons, 192 episodes; Parks and Rec- 7 seasons, 122 episodes

4. The Great British Baking Show

This is my reality show pick for you. You get baking, light drama, and British accents- what more could you ask for. You could actually ask for a lot more, but Netflix is kind of limited in the reality TV department (tea). I dig this show though because it is surprisingly relaxing and entertaining at the same time. It also makes me want to cook, which we all have time for now that everything else is closed.

Total watch time: ~95 hours and 20 minutes

Seasons/Episodes: 4 series, 14 seasons, 104 episodes

5. Gossip Girl

If you haven't seen this show, what were you going in the early 2000s and where did you get your fashion inspiration?! Everyone needs a good throwback high school drama series in the quarantine survival bag. Here you'll get a daily dose of drama, a view of what your high school experience could have been, and some cute eye candy. Also, you’ll spend the whole series trying to figure out who Gossip Girl is.

Total watch time: ~80 hours and 40 minutes

Seasons/Episodes: 6 seasons, 121 episodes

This blog post was written by Amelia Wilt, Assistant Conference Coordinator.

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