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Why It’s Never Too Late (To Join PRSSA)

Stepping out of your comfort zone can create major stress and anxiety, which can sometimes get the best of you. This stress and anxiety can hold you back, preventing you from achieving greatness. But, the trick is don’t let it. Simply believing in yourself will allow yourself to look beyond the obstacles that lay ahead, giving you the strength, you need to get through any challenge. There is no force stronger than the ability to believe in what you can accomplish. When you realize it’s never too late to change your life, the game changes. Understanding the power of the present is extremely important. Yes, we only get one life, but every day you wake up, and you are breathing, you have the opportunity to make a change that can ultimately change your entire life. These changes don’t have to be big, or glamorous. Any positive change, big or small, is good. Overall, the key to making a change is doing it for yourself and never looking back. Joining PRSSA has no limits or laws. You can join as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or even a senior. If you feel uncomfortable, scared, or hesitant, take my advice and push yourself to do it. Putting yourself out there is one of the most terrifying things we can do as humans, but when you do it, you will realize it is never as scary as in your wildest dreams. Ultimately, vulnerably is key to one's success. So now that you have joined, paid your dues, and are officially a member, don’t be silent. Standing still, being in the shadows, and not making your own voice, will do absolutely nothing for you. Yes, you may be able to add it to your resume but that’s not good enough. Remember we are striving for greatness. Get involved. Do everything and more. I am not just talking about going to weekly meetings, or even volunteering for at one event a semester, but devoting all your free time all your time to PRSSA. Dedicating yourself to PRSSA will open your life up to more doors and opportunities than you would have thought were imaginable. You will meet friends, mentors, and professionals that want nothing more than the best for you and your career in the PR industry. If you don’t believe me, join PRSSA today and find out for yourself. Enjoy it. Being a member of PRSSA doesn’t last forever, that is why you need to enjoy every second of it and appreciate all it has to offer. Are you ready for your next journey here at Temple?

This blog post was written by Paige Nicholas, Director of Fundraising.

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