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Why I Made the Switch to PR

I started my college journey at Temple University thinking I had a clue of what I wanted to do in life. I pictured myself getting out of bed every morning, putting on my favorite suit, and then catching the train into the city to work my 9 to 5 office job. Basically, stick my face on Anne Hathaway's character in The Devil Wears Prada, and that’s the type of hard-working businesswoman I wanted to be (maybe without the fierce passion for Vogue.)

So, I had a few things going for me as a freshman in college. I already knew that I wanted to work in a modern office building, and it had to be in the city. The main issue was figuring out what type of job I could picture myself doing in the future and my happiness.

Initially, I wanted to work with numbers. I didn't necessarily enjoy math, but I knew it was something I was good at. With that being said, my next big decision was choosing to be a Business Marketing major in the FOX school of business. I love my department and wouldn't change much about it. However, I soon realized that statistics and macroeconomics were not meant for me. Yes, getting good grades is fun, but the thought of looking at numbers everyday didn't get me excited for work. It wasn't until my sophomore year, when I walked in on my roommate working on a media pitch for her PR firm that I started to consider other opportunities.

She was given the chance to work with a real company within the Philadelphia region through PRowl, the student-run PR firm at Temple, which PRSSA members can join. I was so intrigued by the work she was doing for her account, that I began to look more into the world of public relations and its different areas. I quickly dove into the creative aspect of media outsourcing and news campaigning. At that point I knew I wanted to develop my career in a field where my ideas, and opinions would be heard around the world. In addition to my research, PRSSA gave me the opportunity to learn more about what I enjoy, and allowed me to find my true interests and passions.

As a junior, I still don't have a set plan for my future, and that's totally okay! However, I can confidently say that through PR, I've developed new future goals. Obviously, dreams change and I'm still learning and gaining knowledge from experience, but it's relieving to know that after much evaluation, my skills and personality fit very well in this area. As someone who isn't afraid to voice their opinion, and is always motivated to think outside the box, PR is an outlet for me to do so.

I'm confident that as a marketing major, I'll be able to take what I've learned and use it to my advantage. The good thing about college is that it gives you the time to discover new opportunities. The vast classes, organizations and internships available to you during college is there for you to utilize. It’s a way for you to establish your interests, and better understand the kind of job you want, like I did.

My advice is to take the time to try new things. As many people have told me, your major in college does not define your abilities. You can explore as many different things as you like and learn about what you dislike along the way. It's important not to stress over making decisions right away, because there are tons of opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered. Take chances, branch out, and enjoy the journey!

This blog post was written by Lillian Sclafani, STARS + TSG Representative.

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