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Why Declaring a Minor Helps You Make the Most of College

Declaring a minor may sound overwhelming. Attempting to balance the classes you already have, a job, outside activities, and friends is already an impressive act that we don’t get enough credit for. However, a minor deepens your education in more ways than you can imagine. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to consider fitting a minor into your college plan.

#1- It can help you understand your major better.

A lot of minors are complementary towards majors. Your major and minor can pair well if they are in the same school. For example, my major is public relations, and I have a minor in communication and activism. Both of these are in Klein, and quite often the content overlaps. While this may seem repetitive, it is actually very helpful because a public relations professor will talk about a topic in a different light than my persuasion professor, for example. I also personally like how some topics are explained to me twice because the repetition helps me learn and remember the information.

#2- It can help you specialize.

With public relations being such a broad major, it can be beneficial to specialize in something. In our classes, we learn the functions of public relations, but do not always have time to go in depth about how that applies to every single space that requires PR. A minor allows you to understand exactly how public relations could relate to what field you want to work in. Even if public relations isn’t your major, most careers are niche. The majority of jobs will require a specialty in more than one subject, and a minor is the perfect thing to make you stand out as an applicant.

#3- It allows you to learn about things you find interesting.

The last function is less about your career, and more about just doing something you enjoy. Most people have more than one interest, and a minor allows you to explore those interests. While I mentioned earlier that a minor can complement your major, it doesn't always have to. There is nothing wrong with choosing a minor simply because you find it interesting. For example, if you danced competitively for most of your life, you could minor in dance because it is something you love and want to keep in your life.

This blog post was written by Chloe Maher, Junior Director of Community Service.

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