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What Kind of Work Are You Meant to Do?

One of the most stressful and difficult choices college students have to make is, what do I want to do for the rest of my life? As a freshman, my biggest fear was picking the wrong path and ending up in a job I hated for the rest of my life. I wasn’t alone, a lot of students and adults feel this way. To address this issue, Johnathan Fields, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and podcaster on the Good Life Project, created a personality test to help point people in the right direction.

The Podcast, The Good Life Project, created an assessment to help people find the type of work they were made to do. They argue we are all born with an “imprint,” or a sparkatype, and this imprint is sparked when we are doing the work we are meant to be doing and fulfills our purpose. When we are doing this work, we feel alive, and it empowers the people around us.

The sparkatype assessment is completely free and only takes about 10 minutes. After you complete the evaluation, it provides you with your primary sparkatype and your shadow sparkatype. The primary sparkatype is “your life’s work DNA,” and when you do this work, you feel like you are doing what you were put on this planet to do, you feel infused with meaning, and you settle into a flow. Your shadow sparkatype is the essential nature for work you are highly skilled at and enjoy.

They identify 10 sparkatypes,

The Maker — the person who lives to turn ideas into reality.

The Scientist — the person who lives to solve problems.

The Maven — the person who loves learning for its own sake.

The Essentialist — the person who feels alive when they create order from chaos.

The Performer — the person who enlivens any interaction.

The Warrior — the person who is driven to organize and lead people.

The Sage — the person who is driven to teach and share wisdom.

The Advocate — the person who champions others.

The Adviser — the person who gives guidance.

The Nurturer — the person who lives to nurture others.

When I took the assessment, my primary sparkatype was the maven. My results made perfect sense because when I get fixated on a topic, I can spend hours and hours researching a  subject. Gaining knowledge empowers me, and I work to learn everything there is to know about a body of knowledge. My shadow sparkatype was the advisors. This sparkatype gives others guidance to achieve their goals or objectives. I love advising people, and when I combine these two sparkatypes I realized I could use the knowledge I gain to help advise people and give them what I can to achieve their goals.

After taking the assessment and listening to the podcast explaining more in-depth about sparkatypes, I think there are a lot of benefits to learning your sparkatype. I can’t say whether this exam will provide you with the answer to all your professional problems, but I do think the exam offers people a different perspective on how to look at work. It provides the opportunity to learn more about yourself and recognize things you knew, but couldn’t identify. Specifically for students, knowing your sparkatype could help point you towards a specific job or concentration and ultimately make your everyday job enjoyable and meaningful.

This blog post was written by Emma McClain, President.

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