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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sports Industry

1. Wide variety of opportunities

You can make your own dynamic career path in a multitude of ways. For example, I have a

huge interest in lacrosse and basketball. I could work in ticket sales, marketing, game

day operations, and so on. I could also work for a NBA team, the headquarters,

sportswear brand, or an agency affiliated to the league. Interested in overseeing

sporting events as a facilities manager responsible for game-day operations? Want to

take your hospitality passion into arena management? You could even make a position

for yourself working in the growing sports industry. This is a million dollar industry and if

you put 100% of your effort in it, you could be the next Scott Boras or Mark Steinberg.

2. The sports industry business is growing fast

The sports market has changed so much in the last 30 years, and it is still looking to

grow even faster. This evolution in media, venues and fan expectations provide ample

opportunity to grow your career as the industry evolves. According to research firm The

NPD Group Inc., predicted the global sports market will be worth $626.8 billion by 2023

— up 33% from the $471.3 billion tracked in 2018. Boosting last year’s figures were the

sport style and multisport categories with a 39% contribution as well as apparel at 37%.

Sport is growing globally as well. The United States continued to lead the pack,

accounting for 32.5% of the global sports market. At No. 2, China represented 12.7% of

the market, while the third- and fourth-ranked Japan and Germany trailed at 4.6% and

4.1%, respectively. France rounded out the list, contributing 3.2% of the industry.

Altogether, the five countries made up 57% of the global sports market.

3. If you love playing sports, you will love working in sports.

I have a huge passion for lacrosse since highschool, therefore when I got to college, I

tried my best to get involved I am currently working for the National Lacrosse League

as their Public Relations and Communications intern. I never thought I would be able to

“go pro” without being good at this sport. Dreams do come true if you put in effort in it. If

you have played any sports, you will understand the relationships in teamwork. Being in

the sports industry will do the same -- working with people with the same passion will

make you enjoy what you do, and you will do the best on different tasks.

Overall, I think choosing a sport and recreation management major (with a PR double

major) has been the best decision I have made so far in the journey. I cannot wait to

see where this path takes me.

(Go Cleveland Sports!!!)

This blog post was written by Cindy Chen, Treasurer.

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