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  • Constantine Van Sickle

Three Ways Juggling Improved my Mental Health

I have used juggling to break the never-ending cycle of stress that academia perpetuates. I often found myself on repetitive schedules that primarily focused on completing deadlines for classes or extracurricular responsibilities. With one deadline after another, the academic environment didn’t leave much room for accomplishment, satisfaction, or any sense of progression. Juggling helped break that cycle and improved my mental health in three ways.

Learning how to juggle has provided me with a way to experience satisfaction and accomplishment, something which was lacking in my academic life. I often found myself so consumed with every deadline that I often forgot to celebrate the little things. By focusing on small accomplishments like learning a new juggling technique, I have been able to slow down and appreciate small achievements.

Juggling has also provided me with a time-friendly hobby. As a junior, I am balancing many different responsibilities. My classes, extracurriculars, and internships make it hard for me to escape from stress. Hobbies are a great way to destress; however, many previous hobbies that I’ve had took too much time out of my day or week. Juggling became a time-friendly hobby and provided me with an escape from stress.

Lastly, juggling has introduced me to a whole community that I otherwise would have ignored. Surrounding myself with people who share the same passion for juggling has been a refreshing experience. I have had the opportunity to learn from different people, and it has been rewarding to share in my passion for juggling with like-minded people. It has provided me with a way to escape from my stress-filled academic community and have fun.

This blog was written by Constantine Van Sickle, Director of Public Relations.

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