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Things to Remember During Midterm Season

Instead of focusing on spooky szn, a lot of us are caught up in the terror of midterms. Midterms are scarier than going to Eastern State. In all of the stress and confusion, there are a few things we need to remind ourselves before we go crazy. 

1. Grades aren’t everything

I don’t know who started the disgusting rumor, but grades don’t define you. This is especially applicable in the field of business where experience matters more than any other number slapped onto your transcript. What matters is that you try your best. 

2. You’re allowed to fail

Sometimes our best isn’t good enough, but that’s okay. One bad test grade doesn’t define your grade for the rest of the semester. You’ll have other assignments that can improve your grade if it really matters to you. What will always matter is that you don’t let one bad situation take you down. It’s okay not to be perfect. 

3. Your mental health is more important than anything

When your brain taps out during a study session, let it tap out. Go get lost on YouTube for an hour, go take a nap, let yourself relax. You don’t learn anything while your brain is shut down. Productive studying requires focus. When your body is ready to focus, do it. But don’t drive yourself crazy trying to memorize a whole textbook. 

This goes hand-in-hand with how you’re feeling. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated during a stressful part of your life. If you don’t feel well, let out that emotion. We tend to bottle up how we feel in times of stress, but it isn’t healthy. You need to be healthy before going about doing something else. 

4. Utilize your resources

You have peers, professors and the lovely internet to support you while studying--so use them! Form a study group, go to office hours, double check concepts to make sure you really understand what you’re doing. It will help you study more effectively and make you feel better for what’s to come. 

5. Everyone is struggling just as much as you are

Don’t let those kids with the 20 page study guides and 108 term quizlets intimidate you, they are just as stressed as you are. Putting on a confident face is never a bad idea, but it’s scary to someone who doesn’t realize they’re clueless too. Hold your head high. 

Midterms suck. We all know it. Remind yourself what I’ve mentioned and follow through. You got this!

This blog post was written by Kyra Beckish, Director of Community Service.

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