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The Morning Blues…

It's 7:30 am. After staying up until an ungodly hour going over the background of Leonardo DiVinci for the in-class quiz today, you plan to moan and groan for at LEAST the next hour of your life. Dunkin' might be sitting right around the corner of your off-campus apartment, but you are so miserable that you begin to second guess the power of your medium iced coffee. Trust me when I say I've been there. However, according to Markham Heid of Time Magazine, "Studies have shown that music can buoy your mood and fend off depression." So I vote we listen to the experts - give these tunes a listen while you're sipping on some caramel coffee and start your day on the right note!

1. Bloom (Bonus Track) - The Paper Kites

2. Mango Tree - Angus & Julia Stone

3. Boardwalks - Little May

4. Easily - Bruno Major

5. Orange Juice - Lostboycrow

6. Jolene - Ray LaMontagne

7. Sweetly - The Show Ponies

8. The Bones - Maren Morris

9. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

10. Worst of You - Maisie Peters

11. Vultures - John Mayer

12. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

PS - Check out my Sunrise Playlist for plenty more soft songs that are guaranteed to help cope with those morning blues!

This blog post was written by Anne Cleary, Secretary.

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