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The End-Of Semester Push: How to Stay Focused During the Spring

It is undoubtedly difficult to stay focused on school when the sunshine starts to peek out from behind the wintery clouds. The temperature starts to rise, and students gather in their socially distanced spots on Temple U’s Beury Beach. The end of the semester is a tough push forward, especially when the warm weather mocks you through the windows. Below are 3 tips I follow to help me push through the last few weeks of a tough semester.

1. Write down what you need to do

When you write down your weekly assignments, it becomes easier to visualize what tasks you need to complete each day to stay on top of your work. Staying organized and maintaining a clear understanding of what you need to do helps keep your mind sharp and your goals focused! P.S. - planners are your new best friend.

2. Remember to eat, sleep, and get outside:

It can be tempting to give in to your desire to spend time with friends outside rather than stay in class. So don’t be afraid to let yourself relax and have fun in the warm weather. After a year of being shoved inside, it’s okay to do a socially distanced walk with some friends (+ some face masks) to release the built-up cabin fever. Sleeping is also super important, as is fueling your body with food that makes you feel good. Taking care of yourself is an important part of achieving your goals and staying focused.

3. Ask for help when you need it

No one signed up to do college all alone. When it comes time for final papers or studying for the big exam, there is power in a different set of eyes. Don’t be afraid to set up a Zoom call for a virtual study group, or utilize Temple’s Writing Center to get a new perspective on the paper you just wrote. The end of the semester means you’re so close to being done, so don’t give up!

Being focused on school at the end of a semester is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Staying organized, asking for help, and taking care of yourself are all huge parts of staying focused this spring. Despite the extremely difficult last year of being a college student, success is still out there for us to grab.

This blog post was written by Anne Cleary, Director of Fundraising.

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