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Student Hacks

By: Lailumah Faisal, Director of Recruitment

College isn’t a breeze, and it can take a while to get the hang of things. I’ve learned so much through my years in school, so I want to share some tips in hopes of helping any upcoming or current freshmen.

1.) Get your professor’s attention.

It is easy to just keep your head down, do the bare minimum, or online shop in class. However, when you make the extra effort to get involved in class discussions, or show you’re engaged by asking your professors questions, they do take notice. Not only will you get those super important and easy class participation points, but you will also make a connection that you can utilize in the future. I guarantee after you graduate you will need at least one letter of recommendation, if not more. Who better to ask than one of your favorite professors, who loved having you in class?

2.) Stay involved on campus.

We are all busy with schoolwork, many of us have part time jobs to support us, and on top of ALL this there is the added work of internships. Times can get overwhelming, but getting yourself involved with student organizations can be more fun than work. It is an added way to make new friends or hang out with the ones you have now, and it is a great resume and connection builder. You never know when one of your fellow organization members will be able to hook you up with a new internship or when you apply for jobs post graduation, your interviewer was involved in the same organization.

3. Talk to your classmates.

For the first two semesters I was at Temple, I spoke to absolutely no one in my classes. It just seemed weird to try to befriend somebody who probably just wanted to get in and out of class. I made a pact in the beginning of this year to try and change this, and it was a great decision. I feel like I’m making alliances in class by staying in contact with my fellow students; we can study together, help each other out if we miss class or don’t understand something, and it’s also great to have someone to sit with! One of my really good friends now is someone I didn’t meet until I told them to sit next to me the first day of class this semester.

These “student hacks” are things I learned over the course of months, and I hope they were helpful for anyone looking to get ahead in easy ways at school!

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