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So, Why Exactly PR?

As a junior public relations major, I constantly find myself questioning how I got into this field. When I began college, I was a political science major with an Arabic minor. Not only did I end up changing my major five times, but I also fell in love with a major that would push me towards my goal. Since joining the major, I have obtained two positions in organizations I am extremely passionate about and fantastic internship experience. 

Last year, I decided to try out PR and a possible future in the communications field. When I switched into Klein, I immediately joined PRSSA and found myself surrounded by those passionate about the field and their experience. I was instantly introduced into the world of events and fundraising, which has since led to becoming the conference coordinator, my current position. Within a semester of my career in PR, I was hired by PRowl Public Relations and continuously gained experience. Not only was I constantly pushed to grow professionally, but I felt as if there was a future in this field. 

I love public relations because it allows me to present the best version of the organization that I am working for. Right now, my goal is to end up in non-profit or political PR which will allow me to use my skills for a better cause. I also find PR to be a great balance of strategic thinking along with creativity since I am also extremely passionate about event management. This major has allowed me to shape myself as a PR professional as a communications student. 

This blog post was written by Mackenzi Hockensmith, Conference Coordinator.

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