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  • Fiona Hitesman

Prioritizing Yourself in College

One of the most important things I have learned in college is finding a balance between school work, my job and taking care of myself, which includes being social. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if you don’t take care of yourself none of the information you’re learning will sink in, especially if you're losing sleep. Unfortunately, it is not easy to take care of yourself sometimes, especially when things pile up. It's easy to get lost in your to-do list, but taking the time to fully recover and unplug will make you more productive in the long run. However, There are small ways to reconnect yourself and recharge that don't take hours.

The easiest way to take a break and occupy your brain is to read. I know what you’re thinking, after staring at a computer screen trying to read all of your online textbooks, the last thing you want to do is process another word. I suggest scaling back your reading level, and picking up books that are at young adult reading level in topics you're interested in. Even reading a series like Harry Potter will be mindless.

Small crafts are another way to rejuvenate and spend time with yourself. Hobbies such as painting, woodworking and sculpting have become popular over the pandemic, and they are activities that are on a smaller scale. Small camp crafts such as weaving lanyards, making friendship bracelets and playing with clay is a good way to let go of working and focus on creating something.

Lastly, going outside and exploring nature through plants or walks are a simple way to help take care of your mind and soul. I am a huge fan of going on walks but when it's cold it's hard to get motivated to even go outside. There are different ways to enjoy nature when it is cold out, like taking care of a house plant or doing flower pressings. Even stretching and moving your body can help you find moments of peace within yourself throughout the semester. It is important to prioritize yourself and be a little selfish sometimes, because it will help benefit you in every aspect of your life.

This blog post was written by Fiona Hitesman, Assistant Conference Coordinator.

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