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Member Monday: Valentina Melanie Omelyanska

Happy Monday! This week for Member Monday, we are recognizing Valentina Melanie Omelyanska. Here is our Q&A with her.

What year are you? Freshman, Temple 2025 Q: What is your major/minor? Public Relations Q: Where are you from? Firstborn generation in the United States from a Ukrainian family residing in Philadelphia Q: How long have you been a member of PRSSA? Just began this month.

Q: Why do you love PRSSA? What do you hope to get out of it? I've been interested in joining this club since I researched about it during high school! I love how it’s such a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the world of PR and connect/ network with others. Q: What committee are you a part of? PR Committee (interested in the digital and diversity/inclusion committees as well) Joined the mentorship program as a mentee. Q: What PRSSA events have you participated in? TempleFest was great.The Ethics workshop was wonderful! Also the Music Panel: 814 guest speaker series was very cool too. I'm excited to participate in more since I'm just starting out.

Q: What other TU organizations are you a part of? Temple Fashion and Business. Soon will join my friend's Media team since she’s setting up for a new TUTV show to come.

Q: The coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

Dubai UAE, the places there were breathtaking. Q: Favorite social media platform and why? I would probably have to say Instagram since it gives people the ability to engage with followers, build their brand image, and get into the realm of influencer marketing. Q: Dream job? PR specialist for either the fashion or beauty industry. Hope to work with either Gucci or Sephora one day :) Instagram: @ Valentina.omel

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