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Meeting Recap: March 27, 2018

Many guest speakers who joined us this semester came from agencies around Philadelphia, but today’s guest speaker comes from a different side of PR… event planning! Nina Scimenes is a Cabrini College alumnus and the Communications and Marketing Manager at Brûlée Catering by Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix. Scimenes manages social media channels and a content schedule to promote Brûlée and the venues they cater for. Some of those venues include the Please Touch Museum, Dilworth Park, National Constitution Center, Moulin, Brews and Views rooftop beer garden, and more.

Over the course of Nina’s time at Brûlée Catering, she has pinpointed three key points to focus on when it comes to her job of promoting and blossoming the business into what it is today and for the future:

  1. Visuals are Key: People respond to images. Brûlée Catering implemented a photo gallery on their website with pictures of the food they provide, venues they work with, and different events they cater such as weddings.

  2. Think Outside the Box: Scimenes said getting local news stations to cover events is very hard because events are always occuring in the city. Companies need to think outside of the box to find a reason to make their event standout and qualify as newsworthy. Brûlée Catering thought of using a liquid nitrogen bar at one of their events. This type of bar was unique and rarely heard of, which caught a lot of attention from people causing a buzz. The news stations caught wind of this and Brûlée Catering was being covered on the news and in popular publications.

  3. Quality Versus Quantity: Brûlée Catering has 5,856 followers on their social media channels. Scimenes honed in on quality versus quantity. Even though the company does not have 10,000 followers, they take pride in their 5,856 followers. Brûlée Catering believes their 5,856 followers follow them because they like their work and they care about the company. Brûlée Catering wants to continue to strive to put out the best work and to continue to grow and expand their followers.

Scimenes strives to use these key points in the work she does for Brûlée Catering. She not only focuses on promoting the company and their services, but also the quality and genuine content with Brûlée Catering’s audience in mind. Incorporating these three points with their analytic results help Brûlée Catering to continue to prosper throughout the Philadelphia region. Scimenes ended the session with the advice to be creative and not to fear standing out.

This blog post was written by Morgan Kruczek, Treasurer.

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