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Meeting Recap: February 6, 2018

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, PRSSA hosted our first guest speaker of the semester, Eric Michael, founder of Eric Michael Creative Studios. Michael came to connect with PRSSA members and share his experiences with brand management and web development. Instead of simply speaking, Michael used a much more conversational approach to get engaged with members. What started out as an informal interview between PRSSA Vice President Marissa Reale and Eric Michael turned into an open forum for discussion.

Michael told us about his college career before he got into public relations. He received his degree in graphic design from the Art Institute in graphic design. After working in web design and developing the necessary skills needed, he launched Eric Michael Creative Studios.

Michael discussed his personal and professional twitter accounts, allowing him to maintain two social media presences. He believes that maintaining both accounts allows someone to have a personal voice while expanding their business. Michael also covered navigating the social media landscape both personally and professionally.

Moving on to creativity, Michael explained to us how he stays creative in a field that can often be draining. “Maintaining creativity can be hard but I look to different sources of inspiration and everyone has a medium that they can find inspiration from,” said Michael.

We soon moved on to the topic of networking and effectively managing your network. Michael believes that it is always important to keep in touch with your contacts because they are who allows you to get socially engaged and to find work. He stressed the importance of keeping in contact by reaching out occasionally for the holidays or by check-in emails.

As the meeting ended, members gathered around Michael to connect on LinkedIn and other social media channels. Being able to have a more conversational meeting was a nice change of pace and it felt as though we had all learned something valuable. The meeting was engaging and refreshing. We look forward to more guest speakers with unique approaches at our upcoming meetings.

This post was written by Thatcher Williams, Temple Student Government Representative

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