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How to Stay Active and Motivated during Zoom University and Quarantine

Quarantine and moving to online classes have taken a substantial toll on our daily activities and lifestyle. Nobody our age has had to adjust to something so drastic before and it’s good to stay motivated and active during these times. Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks on how I stay active throughout these days. 

1. Get Sleep!!

I know for me, it was difficult adjusting my sleep schedule and finding a balance to get enough sleep for the following day. One thing I have found helpful was stopping my late-night snacking. I like to be in bed by 10:00 pm and eating past then gave me unnecessary energy and was harder to fall asleep. Getting at least 8-hours of sleep a night is important for your mental health and physical activity. Your mental health is so important!! Take care of yourself. 

2. Wake Up Earlier

This was extremely difficult to train myself to do since I am not a morning person. I started waking up around 8:00 am each morning to gather myself, my thoughts, and my school work for the day. Waking up earlier I found myself to be more productive throughout my day and falling asleep at night was much easier. 

3. Work Out

Along with waking up earlier, I was more motivated to work out as well. Working out in the morning got me motivated to start my day on a good note. Running is a healthy way to clear your mind and enjoy the outdoors. It is extremely important to get outside during these times and veer away from looking at a laptop all day. One workout I HIGHLY recommend is Chloe Ting on YouTube. She is remarkably motivational and I feel awake after doing her exercises. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and nobody should compare their body types to anyone else. You are wonderful! 

4. Have a Balanced Breakfast

While working out is good for your health so is eating a balanced breakfast. With working out more I noticed my appetite has grown. Eating a balanced meal in the morning keeps me energized throughout my day and I’m ready to tackle the work I have assigned. I recommend avocado toast and eggs! 

5. Spread Out Schoolwork

I am guilty of procrastination but I have taught myself to spread out my school work so I am not waiting until the last minute to complete everything putting extra stress nobody needs on themselves. Each week I look at what I have due and write it down to which days I want to complete it. Spreading out your schoolwork throughout the week leaves the weekend for non-school related activities.

This blog post was written by Kali Lauer, Assistant Conference Coordinator.  

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