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Exam Season Do's & Don'ts

Here are my 10 best do’s and don’ts for surviving exam season, whether it’s midterms or finals, they all are the same type of terrible.


1. Drink enough water!!

Water is known to have many benefits for the body, plus, you’re skin will be glowing to the gods. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you’ll do well on your exams!

2. Study ahead of time.

Nobody likes a procrastinator, yet, we all are guilty of always pushing things back until the last possible minute. Study ahead of time! Even a small amount each day goes a long way!

3. Form a study group.

Chances are you and your fellow classmates are all in the same boat and are terrified of the impending doom that is a cumulative exam. Studying together will take some stress off you, and it will help you not feel alone.

4. Reach out to your professor or go to their office hours!

A lot of people are scared to approach professors during or after class time. Don’t be! They are there to help you! Chances are if you visit them during office hours you’ll understand the material a little more with the one-on-one attention.

5. Get a good night sleep the day before your exam!

If you’re like me, then sleep is your best friend. The most important time to get some rest is the night before your big exam day!


1. Start studying the night before/ pull an all-nighter.

I am guilty of this too many times I have pulled an all-nighter because I procrastinated too much and only had 12 hours before exam time. So, of course, I lived at the TECH because that was the only place I could get quality studying done.

2. Rely solely on your study group partners to do all the work

Nobody likes a Freeloading Joe :)

3. Not study because you think you know everything.

Chances are unless you have a photographic memory (which is something not many people are gifted with) then you need to at least glance at your notes so you have some idea of what is going on. Even a quick refresh will benefit you!

4. Study for hours and hours on end!

DO NOT STUDY FOR HOURS AND HOURS!! Take a break, eat some food, or my favorite, take a nap! If you study for constant hours the material will all become a jumbled mess in your head, take a break you’ll remember the material better.

5. Overstress!

If you've been paying attention, taking notes, and doing what you need to get done in the course, you’ll be fine. Now if you’ve been skipping class the entire semester, you may want to consider withdrawing and making it up another semester!

This blog post was written by Gabrielle Arias, Director of Community Service.

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