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Dear PR Freshman, This One's For You

When going into my freshman year at Temple, I wished there was a list of pointers that could help guide me. While my Owl Leader was great and all, journalism majors just don’t get us PR kids. So, to all my PR baddies out there this one’s for you!

1. “What even is PR?”

You will hear this EVERY time someone asks what your major is; I'm not joking. And that's okay; you will learn the art of explaining what PR is. At first, I'd give them the old textbook definition. After a while though, I'd simply tell them that we’re the middle man between businesses/celebrities and the average person.

2. “So what do you plan on doing with your degree?”

This usually follows #1. There are so many paths that you can take in PR, trust me you'll learn this after you take Intro. It's perfectly okay if you don't know the path for you yet, especially since you're just starting in the major. Also, I can almost guarantee that the path that you may want now will change by the time you graduate. I came in thinking I wanted to take the corporate route, but now my heart is set on doing PR research - at least for now.

3. Register for classes ASAP

You will learn this very quickly. PR classes are small and they fill up fast, so act accordingly. The benefits of registering quickly include the first pick at professors, classes in the day time, and being able to take multiple PR classes. The Cons of registering early include: literally nothing. For this semester I could not find a PR class that started before 3 p.m., so acting quickly will help you not have a schedule like me.

4. Practical Grammar will seem like the biggest waste of time…

But it is extremely necessary. The professor I had for Grammar last semester taught the class on what felt like an elementary level, but when you think about it there is no other way to teach it. Grammar is a very simple class, but we need to master the complexities of it. Even as I write this post for you guys, I’m worried that I am making too many grammar mistakes.

5. Do not be afraid of Research Methods!

Going into this class can be nerve raking and scary. Not many PR kids take this class as a freshman, but for those who do, don't be afraid! It is going to be A LOT of work, but trust me it all pays off in the end. This is the class that helped me decide what I want to do in PR (at least I think), and experience I got from it was great. It is basically a semester-long group project, and if you vibe with your partners you can make some great friends. Plus Tiffany Mohr is amazing.

This blog post was written by Amelia Wilt, Assistant Conference Coordinator.

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