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Agency Tour Recap - SEER Interactive

Tuesday, February 26, PRSSA members toured SEER Interactive located in Philadelphia. SEER Interactive is an internet marketing service focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). SEER was founded in 2002 by Will Reynolds. He wanted to start a company that had a focus on volunteer work as well. They moved their location to 1033 N 2nd St, right above Wahlburgers Burgers about 3 years ago.

We met with their Senior SEO associate Samantha Gower. Samantha is a Temple University and PRowl alumni and majored in Communications with a minor in General Business Studies. She gave us a fun tour of their agency that includes 6 floors and a view of the city at all time.

SEER's library located on the 2nd floor.

After the confusion of what floor to go to, we settled on the 2nd floor of the company. As we waited for Samantha Gower to give us the tour, we wandered around the lobby taking an interest in their library. SEER has fun objects located on all floors that represent who their employees are.

Throughout the tour, we noticed there are no offices. Each employee has a desk in the open beside everyone else. Their cubicles are open so they can decorate however they would like. SEER prioritizes their employees and makes sure they are comfortable in their workspace. They emphasize co-mingling to interact in the workplace. Each year they randomize the cubicles and the employees get to switch floors by picking out of a hat. This changes their scenery so they aren't stuck in the same place for years on end.

The offices are very open allowing for natural sunlight and a view of the city.

SEER has a great company culture. Samantha was telling us how she can work from home a few times a week. This eliminates traffic hassle and being able to work from the comfort of her own home. When an employee works from home, they are still included in conferences. SEER has a technology called “zoom” where they can video chat with an employee from home or client in another country to talk about their plans.

SEER’s conference rooms are not like normal conference rooms. The one we toured had basketball hoops along the one wall. This helps the employees and clients destress in sometimes stressful situations.

Just to put in perspective how awesome SEER’s office and workspace is, every Tuesday is bring your dog to work day! Luckily, PRSSA went on a Tuesday and got to meet and play with 3 dogs.

In conclusion of our tour on the top floor we had a Q&A with 3 SEER employees; Senior SEO Associate Rebecca Feinberg, SEO Manager Tyler Cameron and SEO Associate Jennifer Hester. Rebecca graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and Finance. Tyler is a Temple Alumni after studying communications and business. He then went back to get his masters degree in digital marketing from Temple’s Fox School of Business. Jennifer graduated from the University of Alabama where she double majored in Public Relations and English.

They all gave us insight into what they do at the company and how they came about SEER. They all enjoy their jobs and are passionate about what they do. They gave us tips about interviews and how to stand out. Their main focus was on confidence. Going into an interview you should be motivated and enthusiastic about the upcoming job you could potentially acquire.

From this experience, Temple PRSSA got to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and what company culture should look like. SEER Interactive is an enjoyable environment to work in and each employee is passionate about what they do.

This blog post was written by Kali Lauer, General Body Member.

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