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  • Erica Flores

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing Over Spring Break

With spring break rapidly approaching, that means only one thing: finals are coming. However, we have plenty of time to study and prepare. In the midst of your rest and relaxation, spring break is also a great time to reconnect with your craft and gain new inspiration to head into those finals more prepared than ever!

1. Read!

We read all types of material whether it be press releases or textbooks, and reading is a proven way to improve your writing. Maybe take some time over the break to read for pleasure. Curl up on the beach with a good read and find your new favorite book, not only do you stand to learn something but you might enjoy yourself in the process.

2. Journal

Now it’s time to apply all those skills you’ve learned from reading those books! Journaling is a fun way to write without overthinking it. We are so used to writing in an analytical sense but sometimes allowing our personal thoughts to flow out onto the paper stops brain fog and it might even help generate better ideas for that pesky paper that's probably due the day after break!

3. Take inspiration walks

Sometimes when I’m in a rut, I use my surroundings to provide inspiration. Taking walks for fresh air was encouraged during the past two years, because it was the only way for anyone to be outside and connect with the world during the pandemic. Something as simple as taking a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood can get the creative juices flowing if you pay enough attention to the people and things surrounding you. You might even find something you’ve never seen before.

4. Utilizing voice memos

There might be a moment where inspiration strikes but alas, there is no paper around. Well never fear! Most smartphones come with a voice memo feature and it’s great for jotting down notes on the fly. If you can’t speak it, write it down in your notes. Your notes app should be your second in command. It is always handy in case your environment is too noisy or you want to keep it personal.

5. Don’t Write

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was to destroy the idea that you have to constantly work in order to be successful. That learning to embrace the concept of rest and relaxation are integral parts of your lifelong progress to happiness. You don’t bring work on vacation, so remember to enjoy your time off!

This blog was written by Erica Flores, General Body Member.

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