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5 ways to build your resume that aren’t an internship

When my summer internship with VS PINK was understandably canceled due to COVID-19, I felt a wave of panic. How could I gain applicable experience without an internship? How was I going to make my resume stand out for future opportunities? I know I’m not the only one who experienced this type of uncertainty, so I want to share the actionable steps that helped propel me forward. There are so many ways to build your credibility beyond internship experience- here's my top five!

1. Make a manifestation board 

This is a great opportunity for you to reflect on what your future goals are and build a plan to achieve them. Picturing where you’d like to be in 10 years can feel daunting. Manifestation boards help you pinpoint what you’re drawn to, and what you admire in others that you’d like to achieve for yourself. I love to save inspiration to Pinterest boards, or build aesthetically pleasing collages that I can print out to keep on my desk!

2. Network on Linkedin 

Linkedin is your best friend when it comes to finding an “in” with companies you’d love to work for. If your profile isn’t up to date, make sure to add in your recent highlight reel. 

One of the best networking tips I’ve ever received was to use the “People” tab on Linkedin to network at your dream company. The example below I’ve included is Goop, a company I love. The people tab allows you to see how many employees a company has, and gives you the capability to search within its employees.

Use this function to find recruiters or people who currently hold a job you’re interested in! Linkedin will also show you if any of your pre-existing connections are connected with someone within the company, which is another great way to introduce yourself! Don’t be afraid to reach out over Linkedin- this can be a great resource and shows your interest.

3. Work on an e-portfolio

E-portfolios are an incredible way to showcase your work to employers and recruiters! Building a website may sound intimidating, but there are so many resources available to make the process easier. Squarespace is my personal favorite platform, but Wix and Wordpress are also great options with many templates to choose from. A strong e-portfolio is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and express your personality and style. My site can be found at if you’d like to check it out! (Shameless plug alert.)

4. Make passion projects for you!

My best work has always come out of projects I’m genuinely passionate about and interested in. That’s when I feel deeply creatively motivated, and that excitement spills into the quality of work I produce. If you have a company you admire, create a portfolio piece as if you’re already a valuable member of their team. This could be a press release, blog post, infographic, you name it! You can add this to your portfolio (with a disclaimer that it is unaffiliated to the company) and use it in the future to help you land an interview at that goal company. It’s one thing to express your interest, and another to truly show it.

5. Learn a new skill 

The internet is a beautiful thing, my friends. I’ve been loving learning new things through courses on Skillshare, which has online classes in just about every creative category you can think of. (Pssst... students get 50% off a premium membership!!!) I’ve been working on improving my graphic design and illustration skills.

Google certifications can help you prove that you know your stuff! These are free courses that will issue you a badge upon completion for you to add to your resume and Linkedin. There are applicable certifications for many facets of communications like advertising or analytics, and the certification will add to your credibility. 

I also love Patreon, a subscription membership that allows you to gain access to tutorials or other tips and tricks from successful creators. You can connect your social media, and Patreon will identify anyone you follow who hosts an account you may be interested in. My current fave to follow is a freelancer, Katy Bellotte! Youtube is always there as a tried and true method for how-to’s as well. And it’s free, so you can’t beat that. 

I’m all about empowering each other, so if you need an official hype gal- I’m here for it. Shoot me a message if you want to chat more in-depth about these steps, the fact that Matt James is going to be the next bachelor, or my obsession with oat milk lattes. Have a magical day!!!

This blog post was written by Haley Williams, Director of Mentorship

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