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2019: What's Your Resolution?

As the year draws to a close and the holidays wrap up it’s time to start looking forward to the new year and new semester. Despite the ups and the downs of 2018, 2019 is a chance to start fresh and make commitments to bettering your life! However, despite the ambition, only about one-fourth of the new year's resolutions made are completed all the way through. Here are some pro tips to help you follow through with your resolutions end enter spring semester ready to conquer!

Stick to One Resolution

Although we normally have multiple things we want to change or do differently in our lives, it is best to just stick to one resolution. This way you can stay focused on a clear goal which you are more likely to follow through with. If you pile too many on your plate at one time there is a higher chance you will become overwhelmed and make excuses on your bad days such as, being too busy or blaming your schedule. One resolution is ideal if you are serious about accomplishing your goals because it creates a clear goal to put your time and energy into.

Make it Realistic and Detailed

Setting a detailed and realistic goal allows for a way to measure your progress and for you to visualize a tangible outcome. Instead of saying “I want to eat healthier”, make it something more manageable and possible. Say something like “I am going to cut out dairy or artificial sugars”. This gives you less margin of error and you have a better idea of how to achieve your goal. Again, you are more likely to stray away if it’s too vague because you can alter the definition of your goal and make excuses in your head.

Don’t Keep your Resolution to Yourself

By telling friends and family about your resolution there is someone besides yourself holding you accountable for your goal. Not only will you be keeping yourself in check but there are external sources keeping you accountable for your actions as well. It’s also a plus to have a support system behind you and your goals. Especially on those days when motivation becomes low, having people around to give you that extra boost you need to stay on track is really important.

Track your Progress

Whether it’s writing progress down in a journal or in the notes on your phone, it’s good to track your daily accomplishments or momentary off-days. You can look back and see how far you have come and track any positive effects that you have seen so far from your work. If you do happen to have a day where you fall off track, it’s a good source to look back on and see all the progress you have made. Which helps to overcome your bad days and push on with the good ones!

Even if you haven’t thought about making a new year's eve resolution this year, consider it! If you can make even a small change in your life it is a very empowering experience that will follow you into the Spring semester. It’s a good idea to have something to focus and work on over break to keep your mind working too! I know I personally get lazy and end up sitting around at home, then by the time classes start again I have trouble getting back into the loop of things. By setting a resolution, it focuses your energy into something positive and gets you ready to head back to school with a ready mindset to tackle your schedule and academics!

This blog post was written by Emma McClain, Director of Fundraising.

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